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The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den
The “Lion’s Den” is our response to the world famous loops of holes such as “Amen Corner”, the “Bear Trap”, the “Snake Pit” and the “Horrible Horseshoe”. You can imagine that Ernie had these firmly in mind when designing holes 9, 10 and 11 here at The Els Club Dubai. This three hole stretch is as tough a stretch of golf holes not just in Dubai, but across the whole of the Middle East. From tee to green, each hole presents a challenge from every element! 
Sponsored by one of golf's most supportive brands globally, Johnnie Walker, Members of The Els Club have a unique chance to win personal gifts from Johnnie Walker if they are good (or lucky!) enough to break par within this stretch. 
Not exclusive to Members, we invite all to come and challenge this unique stretch of holes. Can you meet the challenge? Can you break par here? The Els Club is here to welcome you to the challenge.

9th Hole
S.I 2 
Black Tee 507 Yards 
Blue Tee 466 Yards 
Red Tee 374 Yards


10th Hole
S.I 3 
Black Tee 467 Yards 
Blue Tee 438 Yards 
Red Tee 337 Yards


11th Hole
S.I 11
Black Tee 209 Yards
Blue Tee 184 Yards
Red Tee 146 Yards