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Padel Courts

About Padel –
Padel is a racquet sport that can be best defined as a combination of Tennis and Squash. Primarily played as doubles and in a similar format/scoring to tennis, a standard Padel court is one-third the size of a Tennis court (10m x 20m); balls used have a little less pressure than regular tennis balls and the racquets are stringless and perforated – similar looking to a beach bat.
As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Padel offers players a unique and exciting social or competitive experience.

How to Play  -
  1. Typically played by 4 players but single options are also possible on the courts.
  2. All serves are underhand with 2 attempts per serve.
  3. Serves are only allowed to touch the glass walls after their bounce. If they hit the side metal mesh walls then it is a fault.
  4. If from a serve the ball touches the net cord and lands in the correct area, then a let is played - otherwise it is a fault – same as in tennis.
  5. The ball must hit the ground first before it touches the walls. If it hits any wall without a bounce then it is considered out of play.
  6. The opposing team can immediately return the serve before the ball hits the ground.
  7. Players can use their own walls to return the serve or any shot in a rally.
  8. Scoring is in the same format as tennis.
  9. Each match is 6 games per set with the winners being the first team to win 2 sets.

Padel FAQ's -
How can I book Padel?
Scan the QR code with your phone or visit the Supersports website using the link
Where are the courts at The Els Club?
There are two courts and both are located at the driving range facility -
Where do I check in?
If you have booked a court then there is no need to check in, you can go to the court direct and play. If you have any queries then the reception at the Swing Easy facility at the driving range is your point of contact.  
Is there a membership?
Currently there is no membership for Padel.
Can I rent equipment?
Yes you can. This is available from the Swing Easy and Padel Rackets at AED30/- per session or buy Padel Balls at AED30/- per can of 3 balls. Emirates ID needed for racket rental as security deposit.

Can I use all The Els Club facilities?
Yes, The Els club welcomes all Padel players that have booked a court to use the F&B and changing facilities.
Are there any competitions?
Not at the moment, but there will be options in the near future. This will be communicated to the Padel community.
Is there coaching available?
Yes please visit the Super Sports Padel website
What are the operating hours?
6:00am – 11:00pm.
Hourly slots available via Booking portal - QR Code - Daytime Slots 6am - 4pm & Evening Slots 5pm - 11pm

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